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About Dr Vilas R Chakor

  • I am Dr Vilas R. Chakor, practicing as a Consultant Psychiatrist since 2008 in Nashik.



Work experience in the field of psychiatry and de-addiction at following institutions:

  • KEM Hospital, Mumbai (under the guidance of Dr. Parkar Madam),
  • Masina Hospital, Mumbai (under the guidance of Dr. Matcheswalla Sir & Dr. Patkar Sir),
  • Nair Hospital, Mumbai (under the guidance of Dr. Kamath Sir),
  • Centre of excellence in De-addiction, KEM Hospital (under the guidance Dr.Shilpa Adarkar Madam).

We provide following services-

  • OPD consultation,
  • Admission/ indoor facility,
  • Counselling and psychotherapy
  •  De-addiction,
  • Headache clinic,
  • Stress Management,
  • Marriage counselling,
  • EEG ( electro-encephalogram),
  • ECT ( electro-convulsive therapy).


What Our Clients Say

Myths & FAQs about psychiatry

Have some Questions?

Ans –  mental illnesses have biological causes just as that of any physical illnesses like malaria, diabetes etc. Changes in neurotransmitter ( you can call it chemicals ) levels present inside the brain causes mental illnesses.  Traumatic events, stresses, personalities, addictions do play an additive role in the causation.

And just the too much of stress/ thinking much can not lead to mental illnesses neither the black magic things. Though many believes it, it is not true.

Ans – almost anyone on this earth can get this. Nobody is immune to it.

Ans – yes, many of the mental illnesses are hereditary just like that of diabetes & blood pressure. Though the percentage varies from illness to illness.

Ans – there are more than 100 types of mental illnesses.  Since years, many in our society believes that only the one who gets “ psycho “ thing needs to see psychiatrist. But that is not true so.

Wandering, talking to self, over suspicious etc are just the symptoms of one of the illness called schizophrenia, which accounts for just the 1% of the population. And most of the patients getting treated by psychiatrists are not that one illness. In fact  depression, anxiety, phobias, deaddiction, behavioural problems, headaches accounts for majority of them. So simply put , forget the so called social stigma.

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